Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yesterday, we got lucky...

...because in the middle of the afternoon the wind shifted and the smoke disappeared. (We have forest fires not too horribly far away.)

I'd reached the point I was wearing a wet bandana over my nose while at home (possibly overkill, but, boy, did it feel good to breath moist, clean air for a change) and was mulling where to head if matters got worse. The smoke had made it into the house. There didn't seem to be anywhere to get away from it. (I tried to think of buildings around here that might be really well sealed, with good air filtration systems, that might be open to the public, but decided I don't know of any. By all means, educate me if you know of one.) People stopping by the Bookstation (our gas station cum bookstore) were telling about taking detours because of road closures caused by fires, or of waiting for pilot cars to take them through fire areas. It didn't sound like there were smoke-free areas anywhere within easy driving distance, even if you could get through. And then the wind shifted.

Today, so far, we have a cool, clear breeze. There are clouds that look like the sort to drop a bit of rain. There's no rain so far, but it feels like rain. Now, I'd planned to mow the lawn today if it wasn't too smoky, and rain would quash that idea. That's OK. The mowing can wait. I'd love to have some rain, especially if some of it wandered over one forest fire or another around here.


johng said...

Kathryn, we're praying things go well for you.
Thank you for the updates.

Kathryn Judson said...

johng, Thanks for the prayers. We're not in any immediate danger from the fires, but my husband's health took a nosedive about three weeks ago, and the last thing we need right now is lots of smoke. Luckily the winds have been kind, and we haven't had any more days like that really bad one.