Saturday, August 19, 2006

Making your own macro lens mount

We know a young man who likes the idea of building a telescope lens from scratch - grinding and polishing it and everything. There is, after all, a satisfaction in making something yourself.

jquinby's project isn't quite that time-consuming (he claims it took about 20 seconds), but he's now taking macro shots with his digital camera, using stuff he had on hand. I can think of some folks around here who would have fun doing the same thing. (Hide the telescope! Scavengers ahoy! :)

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jquinby said...

Thanks for the link!

20 seconds to assemble...many subsequent minutes of futzing around with the camera settings to get the lighting and speed right. Even so, I toss about 3/4ths of the pictures I take, especially if the subject is still, er, moving around.

The cream of the crop is posted to a flickr album here

macro tests

...on a semi-regular (ok, totally random) basis.