Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boy Scouts rescue 18-month-old from river

From KOTA Territory News and the Associated Press:

OMAHA, Neb. A troop of Boy Scouts on a camping trip to earn merit badges ended up saving an 18-month-old girl's life.

About five members of the Omaha St. Cecilia's Troop 100 were swimming in the Platte River at Two Rivers State Recreation Area on Saturday.

Eleven-year-old Christian Nanson spotted the girl floating face-down in the water and yelled to nine-year-old John Fitzgerald to help. The boys grabbed the girl out of the water while other Scouts found a cell phone to call for help and directed rescuers.

Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy David Brock said the girl was treated for hypothermia and released from the hospital today. She had been with her family before she slipped away from her mother, chasing after some dogs.

hat tip: Press, via OpinionJournal


Michelle said...

Thank the Good Lord for Boy Scout heroes.

johng said...

This episode again points to a more than a temporary insanity in American public life. We adults have let dissident forces--for whatever ideological/other reasons--attack the good that youth groups do, here amply demonstrated. Few more honored than the Boy Scouts, yet the MSM has targeted them for years (which is what makes this positive story actually newsworthy.) My personal boycott of S.Spielberg began long before his antiSemitic film excursion, when he felt it necessary to publicly repudiate the Scouts.

And yet we parents will allow Spielberg-- and other similar media celebrities-- to use their films/art to influence the thinking of our children!