Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nice save

My husband ran into a friend of ours tonight, just back from a family reunion and teaching at a church camp. She said that she seriously embarrassed one of her daughters at the camp, but that it came out all right in the end. She said that she (the mother) did something in front of her daughter's class that mortified her daughter - and the other kids jumped on the daughter, teasing her and asking her why she was so embarrassed.

This mom has a lot of experience with kids, and she came up with a snappy comeback. She looked at the other kids and asked them point blank whether, if their mother had done what she'd just done in front of a group of kids, they thought they'd be embarrassed?

Well, yeah.

End of teasing.

Unexpected lesson taught.

This lady says she has no idea what made her try that. She says that after you're a mother for a while stuff like that just pops out of your mouth now and then.


Barb, sfo said...

It was a nice save, no doubt about it!

Anna said...

I sure wish my mind would work that fast! I'm one of those that thinks of a great comeback...oh, about an hour later!