Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rocks stars and Christianity

See vita mea: The Queen of Heaven, The King of Rock & Roll, and the New Evangelization for a description of an amazing annual event in Memphis. (Via Open Book)

For another intersection of rock and religion, did you know that the weird and ghoulish Alice Cooper is helping establish a large, impressive Christian-run youth center in Phoenix? (Via Kim Priestap)

Let's just say I have mixed feelings about the second story, and leave it at that for now, shall we?


jquinby said...

It does seem strange at first glance, but everything I've read about Cooper's conversion is that it was the genuine article.

Kathryn Judson said...

jquinby, I hope that's right. He also claims that his act was never meant to be anything but a joke (but I can't help thinking it was a rather sick joke, that probably didn't do some kids any good at all).

At any rate, I'm willing to give the fellow the benefit of the doubt, until given reason to go the other way. I've seen some pretty amazing turn-arounds in my day. I know it can happen. And I'm not one of those folks who think Christianity has to be prim and proper - far from it! I think a lot of people are driven away from God by cloying/vapid/dull wannabe missionaries. I'm hoping this youth center works out.