Thursday, February 23, 2006

A totally academic exercise

Please understand that I feel it is entirely up to Harvard University as to who gets to have the not-so-fun-at-least-lately job of being the president there. Having said that, Joseph Knippenberg, writing at NoLeftTurns, has invited people to throw their two cents in and make suggestions on who might be a good choice to replace the gentleman who is taking leave of the post.

Please understand that Knippenberg himself has no say in the selection either (and additionally feels that "Harvard as a whole is probably ungovernable"). He just didn't like that another website had asked for suggestions and there wasn't a conservative on their list, so he's just trying to open things up a little.

He gets the ball rolling with some suggestions of his own. For instance, Zell Miller. The reason he gives for this candidate?

Zell Miller knows a good bit about living in an institution with people who can’t stand him.

For another example:

Bill Kristol is a Harvard man; unfortunately, his experience in the White House probably doesn’t adequately prepare him for the Machiavellian nastiness of faculty politics.

I'm not sure I'll play, but I know a couple of you who are pretty good at this variety of zinger. Have fun. Please play nice, but have fun.

Update: James D. Miller is campaigning for the post over at TCS (aka Tech Central Station). See Hey, Harvard, Hire Me!

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johng said...

I voted once, but plan to put forth 2 candidates in more jest if it seems appropriate.

You may have seen James Miller's April Fools' column 2005 about President Summers.

Miller is good! He had me half way convinced in his events until nearly the end.