Saturday, February 11, 2006

Open letter to NBC Sports

Dear NBC Sports,

It was bad enough that certain members of the United States squad of Olympic athletes chose to behave like jerks during the parade of nations in the opening ceremonies. Did you really need to encourage them by keeping your cameras on them, not to mention rewarding them with air time?

Just asking.

With disappointment,

Kathryn Judson

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johng said...

Kathryn, I was happy to see someone on Cold Pizza on 2/16 briefly echo my opinion about the Olympics. That it died when amateurism, its birth idea, was banned.
'There's no thrill, no new stars,' I think he said.
Salt Lake City, 2002, had 9/ll, an inspired Mormon opening/closing ceremony, and all the ice skating wars. Plus who couldn't love Sarah Hughes (and M. Kwan and..)

I personally have skimmed the 2006 games because of a personal bias. I won't support Bob Costas.