Thursday, February 09, 2006

GM's Corner -- Newest member of the team

While blogger GM Roper is in the hospital recovering from lung surgery (he's battling lung cancer), several folks have stepped to the plate to keep his blog rolling. The latest addition to the team is Liberty Dog.

His introduction is here. (I wouldn't skip this. Where else can you find someone who describes himself, among other things, as a "...minarchist small L libertarian with Objectivist tendencies. I believe strongly in small government, individual merit and self-reliance. I am a laissez-faire capitalist and an atheist. I am not, however, a militant atheist...")

And yes, that is not a profile that you might expect for someone writing at GM's Corner, but Woody (G.M.'s longtime co-contributor) says "...G.M. and I recognized Liberty Dog's talent and ideas several months ago and think that you might appreciate the offering of a similar, but sometimes different, viewpoint--which remains always courteous..."

Liberty Dog's first post is Liberals Tolerate Liberals--and, That's About All.

It's shaping up into a very interesting group running that blog.

Fight on, G.M.! Your buddies are good but it will be nice to have you back in the game.


Woody said...

Thanks for the recognition and encouragement for G.M. Liberty Dog will likely come up with some ideas that we wouldn't, and he'll keep the blog fresh.

Kathryn Judson said...

Woody, I doubt the blog would have gotten stale without his input, but I'm looking forward to Liberty Dog's posts. Thanks for stopping by. I know you're hard pressed these days.