Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Washington's Birthday, Take Two

All right, all right, just to be accurate, now that I've done a little more poking around I've come to the conclusion that the post just prior to this one might be somewhat misleading.

As it says at Kids in the House: Inspect-A-Law: Federal Holidays:

By law, Congress has established 11 permanent Federal holidays. Each Federal holiday emphasizes a particular aspect of the American heritage that molded the United States as a people and a nation. Although these patriotic celebrations are frequently referred to as "national holidays," legally they are only applicable to Federal employees and the District of Columbia. Neither Congress nor the President has asserted the authority to declare a "national holiday" that would be binding on the 50 states. Each state individually decides what its legal holidays will be. This is an example of federalism in action.

And here in Oregon the Blue Book put out by the Secretary of State, under Legal Holidays and Days of Special Observance, has today as President's Day.

Rats. I am usually a big fan of federalism.

And, for that matter, I wouldn't want the federal government taking over anything more than it has already, thanks. I like that states have some leeway to go their own directions. I like that states are in a position to compete for citizens as well as businesses. (I don't mind telling you that I like the idea that there are states to which I can move if it gets too crazy or ugly or expensive around here.)

So, Happy Washington's Birthday! to federal employees, the good folks of the District of Columbia, and all you living in states that haven't gone mushy and postmodern about it.

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johng said...

Happy Washington's Birthday on this Feb 22! Thank you for your thoughts and links to be used and enjoyed.

Here are the details of the General's birth, as recorded as the facsimile from his mother's Bible, from p.41 of "George Washington," By Woodrow Wilson (New York, Harper & Row: 1896):

"George Washington, Son to Augustine & Mary his Wife was Born, (next character unsure) 11th Day of February 1731(?), about 10 in the Morning & was Baptised the 3:th of April following. Mr. Beverley Whiting & Capt. Christopher Brooks godfathers and Mrs. Mildred Gregory godmother."

Note: The 1731 is obscured in the above. The date would change to our present date with the British adoption in 1752 of the Gregorian calendar.

President Wilson's writing is in addition 'copiously illustrated' with fine drawings.