Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Returning to Class

Well, here's something to think about (not to mention look forward to). A lot of people currently serving in the American military are planning to go to college or university when they get out of the military, right? And at least some of the classes they will take will probably be overseen by professors who are used to having their "Michael Moore leanings" go unchallenged, right? And...

Hmmm. This could be interesting, yes?


Anna said...

I hope they do challenge, but with "professors" like that, well, their grades could pay the price since these same professors treat their classrooms as their own little fiefdom.

Kathryn Judson said...

Anna, Point taken.

Here's hoping that even if they opt out of direct confrontation in the classroom, they make sure other students hear their side of things somehow.

Bookworm said...

Well, that's an interesting idea about the ripple effect of the GI Bill. (I'm assuming we have a modern equivalent of the post-WWII GI bill. If we don't, we should, since the GI bill I think led the way to the largest burst of prosperity in American history.)

johng said...

Here's one Iraqi veteran whose future may be interesting; he is prelaw. I would be pleased to see our selfless men and women from the Iraq front taking positions of leadership in tomorrow's America.
Link to:

Note the strong honesty of his views. (see also)

Josh has some great video clips that aren't presently working. Please try checking for them later.