Thursday, February 23, 2006

Harvard, Take Two

This evening I find that people exasperated with the far-left faculty that pushed Harvard University President Larry Summers out the door might have some surprising allies -- Harvard students.

No, really.

Ruth R. Wisse, the Martin Peretz Professor of Yiddish Literature and professor of comparative literature at Harvard, has an interesting commentary in today's OpinionJournal. The title is Coup d'Ecole. The subhead is "Harvard professors oust Larry Summers. Now they must face their students."

Her description of this generation of students might surprise you, as might her ideas about which way things might be trending at Harvard. (She even expects the return of ROTC, for instance.)

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bookish18 said...

Harvard students are more conservative than most people think. Probably about a third to a half are majoring in economics and plan to go into business. But it's really fascinating how students who were on the fence about him before have developed this cult of personality around him. We're talking showing up to his speaking events shirtless, spelling out "Larry." This ain't the Kremlin on the Charles any more.