Friday, December 30, 2005

The year in review, the 'first lines of first posts' version

This is silly, ridiculous, and trivial, and I'm going to do it anyway. (Heh.) The idea is to reprint the first line, or sentence, of the first post of each month. (It's one of those things that's going around...)

January. N/A. I wasn't blogging yet.

February. File this article under the "My Roof Or Yours?" category.

March. I somewhat accidentally subscribed to the Scotsman's business headlines e-mail newsletter a while back.

April. Johnny Gunther died well before I was born.

May. Certain ladies and gentlemen of my acquaintance are always trying to top each other with funny stories.

June. We’re having a rainstorm here.

July. Just as a historical side note, New London has seen earlier battles between respectable citizens and over-reaching government...

August. In my latest stack of books to de-label, wipe clean, and find the market price for (I sell used books for a living), I came across one called The Venus Probe by David St. John.

September. Good news from Afghanistan.

October. Judith Martin - otherwise known as "Miss Manners" - briefly discusses the following novels:

November. Amy Welborn took a look at Ann Rice's new novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, and gives us her first impressions.

December. Gotta love the Internet.

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Dave said...

It will keep going. I caught the bug.