Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dads, adventures, blogs, baby names, etc.

I have been having fun going over, from time to time, to visit A Dad Is Born, Mark Correa's blog at the CourierPostOnline, a New Jersey newspaper. It's refreshing to see a father talking about the impending arrival of his first child. Mark, you may remember, took a stab at selling the baby naming rights, but let his wife Amanda talk him out of that :-).

Last night, late, I stumbled across a new blog, just started mid-December, called Dances With Kiwis. In the "About Us" box, Paddy and Yvonne say, "We have left our safe and secure jobs in the UK to work in New Zealand. We are having our first baby in February. It really sounded like a good idea..."

Among their early posts is Help, in which they ask for suggestions on names for the baby, and explain what they're trying to avoid in the way of names. They don't know the sex of the baby, but at this point they're working on a name to use if it is a boy. Arnold, Quentin, Basil, Sam, and Dennis are out, for various reasons.

We are trying not to use friend's or family names, and would like to avoid anything that would instantly lead to bullying. A final complication is that we have bad memories of names due to kids we have taught!

Maybe you could help them out?


Bookworm said...

Happy New Year, Kathryn. I hope that this upcoming year is serene and successful for you in your new home.

Kathryn Judson said...

Bookworm, Thank you. All the best to you and yours!