Sunday, December 04, 2005

Austerlitz re-enacted

A few thousand people, from 23 countries, went to the Czech Republic to re-enact the Battle of Austerlitz. Even more thousands watched.

The BBC has pictures.

Robert at Expat Yank has a question...

Sophie Pons of Agence France-Presse, writing in The Washington Times Nov. 30, had a preview, in Re-enactors gather for battle of Austerlitz, complete with a bit of background on the American actor who played Napoleon for this event - and a note that the original battle was on Dec. 2, but the re-enactment was moved to December 3 since December 2 fell on a Friday and not as many people would have been able to attend.

While we're on the subject of Napoleon bicentennial observances, here's an article from February 2004, which noted that France was approaching the bicentennial of Napoleon Bonaparte's coronation "...with both embarrassment and fascination for a legend that weighs heavy, especially with its European partners...."

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