Friday, February 18, 2005

Paleofeminists vs Postfeminists, Etc.

Independent Women's Forum: Have You Heard the (Gender-Equitized) Science Yell?

This article by Catherine Seipp has some interesting takes on the current women-in-the-sciences kerfuffle (and some let-it-loose stories about the author's mother, who was obviously no shrinking violet, shall we say?), but my favorite bit is this:

...There I witnessed a perfect little paleofeminist-vs.-postfeminist moment: One of the earnest, gray-haired female professors was advising the girls what to do if an job interviewer asked inappropriate questions like, "How soon do you plan to have children?" That would be of course illegal, but the professor advised the girls not to argue about it but to say something like, "I THINK what you're asking me is if my job will always come first, and the answer is YES!"

There was a silence as these words sort of hung in the air. How did this bunch of shy, mostly Asian teenagers know that a job would always come first? Had each one already decided that it absolutely should? Finally one girl raised her hand.

"Can you just decline to state?" she asked tentatively. "Because I kind of have a philosophy that family comes first." Not exactly the sort of sentiment the women role models in the room wanted to hear...

It's nice to know that there are still children who can see through the Career Cultists. Some of us older ladies took silly detours before we figured out we'd been sold a bill of goods by our politically correct mentors.

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The Mad Doctor said...

And I thought the idea of women's liberation was to increase choices. As a man, I am either in career or a loser. Rejoice in your choice. My wife has the option. Whatever makes her happy. The kids are more important than a bigger house or more expensive staus symbol on wheels.

But feminism has in many manifestations degenerated into a whiny forum complaining and blaming on everything. The leaders exploit and insult the majority of women. Most women did not have Daddy financing private Liberal Arts education and expensive urban apartments while they expoused poison about men and sexism.

There are sex differences. The Isreali experiment found the genders gravitated towards more traditional roles. Don't exclude anyone, but let people choose for themselves.

These feminists abusing women telling them what to do and how to live are egotistic. And if you don't follow their I'm smarter than you and I speak for you advice, you are submissive... This is the same nonsense that the self-proclaimed black leaders expouse. You're an Uncle Tom if you don't step in line with us.

Everyone needs to think for themselves. And make their own choices.