Monday, October 24, 2005

Suitably Flip: on Federal Reserve, Dems gouging, Blog Row, more

Suitably Flip is one of my go-to blogs when fiscal policy comes up, so I scooted over there this morning to see what Flip had rounded up on the person nominated to replace retiring Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Flip's got a starting volley on that subject at Greenspan Successor Imminent, which he's updated with information on Ben Bernanke, the man put forward by President Bush.

But I see that Flip's put up some other good posts since I looked last. In The Usury Suspects, he looks at the DNC's new branded Visa card "with an APR as high as 29.99% (the default rate for missed payments) and as high as 23.99% for normal balances." In New York Times Endorses Bloomberg he notes that the New York Times and Newsday are both endorsing Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg for re-election.

Last but not least, Flip attended "Blog Row" in Washington. Posts here, here, here, among others. I suspect he'll have more to come.

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