Monday, October 10, 2005

One government, one cheer - Comment - Times Online

Regarding Angela Merkel's win in Germany, a commentator in The Times (London) notes:

The two immediate questions are: will this coalition be stable and coherent? And can Frau Merkel push through any of the changes urgently needed to reform Germany’s economy? Smiling wanly, she insisted yesterday that the economy would be her main focus and the new coalition stood for “new policies”. Already, however, she has conceded too much....


Given these contradictions, the prospects of a stable coalition are slim. It may run without fatal conflict for a few months, as the SPD will want to demonstrate maturity and responsibility and show that the coalition is merely continuing reforms already begun by Herr Schröder. But when real change is contemplated, the SDP will be tempted back to populist politics and Cabinet wrangling will begin. Each side will then want to go to the voters to increase its power. Only the deluded can see a long period of political stability.

Frau Merkel has little time, therefore, to establish herself...
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