Monday, October 31, 2005

Michelle Malkin: It's Samuel Alito

As usual (how does she do this?), Michelle Malkin has kicked into overdrive on a top story and has a round-up of links and comments on the Supreme Court nominee announcement.

For my two cents' worth, I'm glad Bush broke out of the "it has to be a woman" tunnel vision thing. I am soooo tired of people in Washington being stuck back in the 1970s. By now, thank you very much, we should have moved along to "the best person for the job" thing. Really. Honest. Truly outstanding women can compete on a level playing field for that sort of post. There's no need to be patronizing about it - and dividing candidates into male and female subcategories is horribly patronizing, I think. For what it's worth.

Update: Kathryn Jean Lopez, writing in Bench Memos at National Review Online, in a post from early this morning, This Is the One and Only Time I Will Point this Out, says:

I just got the White House talking points on Alito. Nowhere in them does it say that he is one of the best male lawyers in New Jersey.


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