Friday, July 29, 2005 French Police arrest four suspected ETA members

The Basque terrorist group ETA is having a bad week. In addition to the arrests earlier this week by Spanish police, now the French appear to have nabbed a few of them.
French Police arrested Thursday four presumed members of the Basque armed group ETA in the French towns of Grenoble and Brive la Gaillarde, the newspaper La Razon reports on Friday.

According to the Spanish Home Secretary Jose Antonio Alonso all the arrested have criminal records for street violence. He has confirmed that one of the detainee is Jon Joseba Troitiño, who is located at the military structure of ETA by the police. It is supposed that he holds a "very relevant post".


The first of the arrests took place Thursday morning in the French town of Grenoble after a police patrol caught unaware two men trying to break into a car. 25 year-old Urtzi Zubizarreta Lizundia and 26 year-old Oier Gonzalez Bilbatua had stashed weapons and forged identity papers in a nearby car with counterfeit license plates. One of the arrested had English identity documents.

The other two arrests took place early in the afternoon in a mall in Brive la Gaillarde, a hundred kilometres south of Limoges....
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