Sunday, July 24, 2005

Another large earthquake in area hit by tsunamis in December

There has been an earthquake, preliminary size 7.0, in roughly the same area as the ones that caused tsunamis in southeast Asia last December.

The title link is to an earthquake monitoring site that updates constantly, and shows quakes in the last week.

Update: Here's an early AP report. It lists the quake at 7.2, and says Thailand did issue a tsunami warning for the Indian Ocean. The quake was centered at India's southern Nicobar Islands, and was felt in the state of Madras.

Update: For more on the seismicity of that region see here at the Amateur Seismic Centre, which specializes in the Indian sub-continent.

Update: As CNN reports, the tsunami warning has been lifted, and Indian officials are saying there was no damage on the Nicobar Islands. (Whew.)

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