Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Easier can opener

As some of you know, we live with handicaps at this house. Can openers had proved to be a major annoyance. The manual ones were very difficult for one family member to use, and the electric ones we'd had weren't much better since they required getting everything lined up just so, using both hands at once.

So, we tried the No-Hands One Touch Can Opener, and, to my surprise (the ads made it look cheap, I thought) it works very well. And it's very forgiving of clumsiness. I see Sharper Image has something very similar. A side bonus: it looks perfectly ridiculous as it works, which is good for grins. (I know, I know, I am too easily amused.)

I'm not familiar with the Disabled Hands website I've linked to above for product info, but it looks like a good site for all sorts of ideas and tips and products for people with diminished hand function. A bonus: They ask for reader tips and recommendations, so it's apparently something of a community as well as product flogger. I'll be checking it out, at any rate.

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Mom2fur said...

Oh, man--considering I put 11 stitches in my thumb because I rammed it into a can lid that hadn't come off all the way, maybe this is the can opener for me! I'm gonna really have to think about getting one of these puppies.

Larae said...

Can openers are always a struggle, especially for my grandpa. This sounds perfect to check out for him. Thanks for the tip! =)