Friday, September 29, 2006

Danielle Bean, on a roll

Danielle Bean has several good posts lately, among them one that features apple recipes (yum), one on people who treat nutrition as a religion, a bit of wisdom out of the mouths of babes (well, one babe, anyway), and, my personal favorite, a post on being carded by a clerk who missed his golden chance to be charming. (If anyone catches any of our attendants acting like this I want to know about it!)

Oh, OK, one more. She's leading a discussion on making the princess stage of a little girl's life a good thing, and not a slide into an exercise in materialism or immodesty (apparently the modern Disney princesses aren't as sweet as they used to be).

Update: I want to make it clear to BookStation customers who might be reading this that we didn't start selling anything that requires carding while you weren't looking. It's the attitude toward customers to which I was referring.

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