Monday, September 25, 2006

Suggestions on where you can go...

Here are some articles/posts I've found interesting:

Freedom and Justice in Islam, by Bernard Lewis (Imprimis September 2006) Highly recommended look at today's situation, with historical perspective.

Thousands attend 'Wear Red Friday' rally on Parliament Hill (CBC News) Canadians show support for their troops.

Let's Give It A Rest (Captain's Quarters, September 22, 2006) Argues that it's time to concentrate on our real enemies instead of poisoning the atmosphere with old arguments.

Swiss Back Tougher Asylum Laws (Deutsche Welle, September 24, 2006) Swiss voters approve tougher immigration rules by a wide margin. A related post, Switzerland Battens Down the Hatches Against Foreigners (Deutsche Welle, September 25, 2006), looks at the response from papers around Europe.

Spain Pushes for European Response to Illegal Immigration (Deutsche Welle, September 21, 2006). For background, see Spanish Minister Says EU "Lacks Commitment" on Immigration (Deutsche Welle, August 31, 2006)

"Tidiness?" (Expat Yank, September 24, 2006) A cemetery in the UK has adopted a policy of burying everyone lined up toward Mecca.

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benning said...

Well, should I happen to die in Great Britain, kindly bury me face down. That way Allah can kiss my ....