Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Shop Early and enjoy the holidays"

Once again, L.L. Bean has the questionable 'honor' of having the first Christmas catalog in my mailbox, this year a day ahead of last year. On the front it says "Shop Early and enjoy the holidays."

Uh. They're missing their target with that tagline, at least with me. I buy very little for Christmas anyway, and when during the year I buy it strangely has no effect on my ability to enjoy the season. When it gets here. (Sigh.)


Anna said...

Let's see. I got two in one day and they were both Christmas catalogs. Current, so I could get those greeting cards early and Harry & David, they have the best chocolate truffles...yum!

Kathryn Judson said...

Anna, When the budget allows, I guess I'll have to try the truffles...if I have money left over from ordering pears. Harry & David tends to have very good pears.

And, actually, I'm enjoying the L.L. Bean catalog, and might even buy a barn coat out of it this year. I just wish they hadn't called it a Christmas catalog this early in the year.