Thursday, July 27, 2006

Test your knowledge: Arab-Americans and faith

First try to guess what percentage of Arab-Americans are Christian.

Next, of those who are Christian, are there more Catholics, Protestants, or Eastern Orthodox?

Check your guesses here.

hat tip: Donald Sensing


Bookworm said...

I'm going to guess 60% Christians, with the majority being Eastern Orthodox.

Okay... now I'm checking your link to see how I did.

Hey, I'm almost exactly right as to one answer, and quite wrong as to the other. Only half bad....

Kathryn Judson said...

Bookworm, You beat me. I was way off. Both categories.

johng said...

A children's book lingers in my mind about Lebanon. It finds Christians and Arab children finding a cave and playing in the heights overlooking the sea. Yes, playing.. as in the 1950's (when the book was written, as I remember).

Islam has destroyed so much, esp. for Lebanon, with the civil wars since. Here's a somewhat dense, interesting overview that mentions the fate of Christians in the Middle East. It's from First Things. It admonishes the Vatican for playing the wrong politics as well. It notes:
".. as the Christian communities of the Middle East weakened—their decline over the last 50 years has been precipitous.."
reading the blog at:
July 27, 2006
(Joseph Bottum writes:

The situation in the Middle East has been changing so rapidly, it seems impossible to have timely commentary on it.)

Kathryn Judson said...

johng, Thanks for the tip. The Joseph Bottum post was interesting, especially his take on how the Vatican strayed into its habit of blaming Israel first. The link is

johng said...

Here is a July 06 essay from Daniel Pipes (Jerusalem Post) about the changing perspective of the Vatican toward the Muslim world.