Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Honoring adversity's aftermath in Alabama

Thanks to Michelle, I now know that the town of Enterprise, Alabama, has a monument honoring the boll weevil.

The best write-up on it I've found so far is presented by Shelley Brigman, who worked as a newspaper reporter in that area.

The town erected the monument after the boll weevil forced farmers in the area to plant crops other than cotton. Becoming less reliant on cotton turned out to be a good thing. Hence, the tribute to the pest that started the search for better ways to make a living.


Anne said...

My mom grew up in Enterprise and I was just back there a couple of months ago. As we drove by the monument, she mentioned how many times it has been stolen over the years, and her memories of being a cheerleader and cheering right there around it. Thanks for linking to the Shelley Brigman article. Very interesting.

Kathryn Judson said...

Anne, Why does the song "It's a Small World" keep popping into my head? :)

Thanks for the info on the cheerleading around the statue. I love small town stuff like this.