Friday, June 24, 2005

TCS: Tech Central Station - They Can't Take That Away From Me... Unless They Can

Ugh. I give up. I've been trying (against the odds and contrary to my initial gut reaction) to find solace in the fact that the Supreme Court, in the Kelo/New London case, had decided to not decide on a few points. You know, 'hooray that the feds aren't stealing every decision from the states and local governments'? It's no good. It's not working. It was likely pathetic of me to try. I apologize for trying to be optimistic in the face of disgusting developments. The Supreme Court was handed the responsibility of protecting citizens from galloping abuse from city officials - and didn't. Now I'm back to my original bummed feeling: You can't pretend you have property rights if the only time you're safe is when politicians and bureaucrats deem you worthy (or profitable, which isn't the same thing, not that it matters in this case).

Use the title link for Stephen Bainbridge's take on what's just happened.

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