Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Measure for Measure: Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to remake California's government

Writing for Opinion Journal, Pete du Pont, former governor of Delaware and currently chairman of the National Center for Policy Analysis, looks at California Gov. Schwarzenegger's efforts to reshape California's government, with a focus on what's coming in a special election this fall:
...A week ago the governor called a special election for Nov. 8 to vote on three policy changes that the Democrat-controlled legislature has refused to consider: stronger state spending restraints, higher standards for public school teachers, and retired judges rather than legislators drawing legislative district boundaries.


Two other emotional proposals have already qualified for the November vote--parental notification and a two-day wait for unmarried girls 17 and under to receive an abortion, and requiring a public employee's written consent before a union can spend his dues money for political contributions.

Gov. Schwarzenegger has not endorsed the abortion measure, but it will bring a great many people to the polls on Nov. 8. An April Fox News poll showed 78% support for parental notification--and no wonder. Under existing California law 14- to 17-year-olds need parental permission to use tanning machines or to get their ears pierced. How does one then argue that a young girl's abortion requires no parental notification?

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