Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Jane Austen fans, unite

I enjoy Jane Austen's books, but I read them with less fervor/fervour than the folks at either Austensorium or The Republic of Pemberley. For instance, see the "newbie" page at the Republic of Pemberley, which begins:
We, all of us, remember only too well the great relief we felt upon discovering this haven for Jane Austen Addicts. If your eyes did not widen, if you did not gasp in recognition, if you did not experience a frisson of excitement when you discovered a whole campful of soldiers - er - a whole websiteful of fellow Jane Austen Fanatics, then this place may not be for you. We are The Truly Obsessed here and have been known to talk for weeks about Jane Austen's spelling quirks and Mr. Darcy's coat ("No, no - the green one.") ...
No, I don't make the cut, I'm afraid, but I think I know some folks who might (you know who you are), so - just in case you didn't know about these sites yet - have fun :)

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Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Chuckle. The Head Girl has long been a regular at the Republic of Pemberley. She truly is an Austen Fanatic.