Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Saturday Review of Books... up and growing at Semicolon.

The lead-in quote this week is from Gilbert Highet. He built a reputation in his own right, notably at Columbia University, and famously for his support of classical learning. But he's also known for being the husband of suspense writer Helen MacInnes. (Wouldn't you have loved to have been able to invite that couple over for dinner and chat?)

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Those of you who have written Helen MacInnes or Gilbert Highet posts, please feel free to drop a note in the comments, steering us that way. It doesn't have to be straight MacInnes. See Cold War Reading Has Contemporary Applications, at The Common Room, March 9, 2006, for an example.

For that matter, if you have any posts about good Cold War novels by any author, let us know. In the good timing department, I picked up No Entry by Manning Coles yesterday to reread, and was just getting into the thick of it last night when I had to call it a night. I sternly told myself I must finish my chores today before I pick it back up, since I expect once I get going again I'm sunk for the next few hours...

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