Monday, February 04, 2008

Politics, faith, and how we make decisions

I have no doubt, none, that media old and new will happily spotlight and feed hysterical, uninformed, ultrapartisans during the rest of this presidential campaign. I have no doubt that said crazies will be held up as somehow representative of the "religious right" or "Christian conservatives" or whatever 'group' the pundit or reporter would like to make look silly, hysterical, uninformed, unintelligent and not safe to trust with the power of government.

So, in some sense, there isn't a lot I can see us quieter conservatives being able to do on a big scale. Crazies who love the spotlight will always be available. The media types will undoubtedly be all too happy to help them be counterproductive.

Having said that, I think it might help if those of you who are leaning toward feeling frantic yourself would think about the points The Anchoress makes in "Faith-based and hand-wringing,":

Today I’m wondering how it can be that the “faith-based” party — full of people who presumably have prayer lives - is in such a sorry frenzy. “Frenzy” should not be a word that applies to believers. Nor should “fear.”


There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no hyperventilating fear in Christianity.


Let me be very clear, so I don’t get 1000 emails again: This is not about McCain. This is not about Romney. It’s about how we come to our decisions. It goes hand-in-hand with my post from yesterday, where I asked if our political parties had become our idols. And it’s about our souls.

Full post here.

Now, The Anchoress hangs out with political junkies, and I've sort of dropped off that bandwagon. I'm spending more time socializing with people who are too busy taking care of their families and neighbors to obsess over matters of government, so from where I sit the world isn't crawling with despairing, screaming, weeping voters like it is in Newsland and Opinionstan. But I think she's got some good points, especially for those of you getting the vapors about the Republican race. Take a deep breath people.

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