Saturday, February 16, 2008

Author note: Dwight Newton

Eric Golden has written a nice feature article on author Dwight Newton, aka D.B. Newton, aka Dwight Bennett, aka Dwight Bennett Newton, aka Hank Mitchum: "Prolific Bend author's muse is right outside: Dwight Newton, 92, has written TV westerns, 70 novels" (The Bulletin, Feb. 11, 2008)

Even if you don't read Westerns, you might find the man's life interesting. He took the trouble to get a master's degree in history very early in his career, for instance. And then the Army planted him in his beloved West during World War II (that graduate degree helped keep him stateside). And he found Hollywood vain and vicious, so he wrote a book about it. And... well, it's a good article. Read it if you want more. My thanks to Mr. Golden and The Bulletin.

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