Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Author note: D. E. Stevenson

A fan of D.E. Stevenson must have stumbled across this post from June 2006 and sent word around, because off and on for days now I've been getting more entry hits on that page than on any other. Whoever you are, thanks!

(And isn't it nice when a good, clean author has so many fans? Yes! Love it!)


Jen Robinson said...

I love it, too, Kathryn. Thanks for sharing! I wish more of Stevenson's books would be republished. I did just run across some additional Georgette Heyer's that were apparently recently republished, but no Stevenson in quite a while.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I think I was the one from the D.E. Stevenson list who found your post and mentioned it on the list. Persephone Books is republishing Miss Buncle's book this fall, I believe, and the books are not that difficult to locate. The list is a yahoo group which is still going strong after beginning in 1997. We had a convention in Boston in 2007 to see some of her papers which are held at Boston University.