Thursday, April 27, 2006

Favorite gardening books

A Circle of Quiet recommends some favorite gardening books - including one aimed at "Children and Their Grown-Ups" (as the cover copy says).

She also has a post on children's books about John James Audubon.

I like her parting shot on the Audubon post:

Grab your binoculars and a sketch pad and spend a few quiet minutes enjoying the birds in your area.

(But, then, I'm the sort of person who thinks that sketch pads can be the perfect gift for a child. Or a grown-up, for that matter. And I like birding...)

If you don't mind sharing, which gardening or nature-related books have you found helpful or inspiring?


Barb, sfo said...

Children seem to be fascinated by ANY book that allows them to identify birds. Mine, dating from the 1970s, is the most-used reference book in our home.

jquinby said...

One of my all-time favorite nature books is The Sea Beach at Ebb Tide, closely followed by the Audobon Society Enyclopedia of North American Birds. We've also been very pleased by Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study, a recent acquisition. We keep a Peterson bird guide in the kitchen, next to the window which looks out towards the feeders.

For nature writing in general, I thoroughly enjoyed Henry Beston's The Outermost House, his account of one solitary year on Cape Cod.