Saturday, April 29, 2006

And now for some encouraging news (lots of it)

CDR Salamander says Have a good weekend and know that you live in the “good ‘ole days.” And he's got some links to back up his optimism.

hat tip: Bookworm Room

Update: See Not Harvard Bound, by Terrence O. Moore (Touchstone, May 2006) for some more good news -- young people showing some solid moral character, not to mention some spirit.

hat tip: A Circle of Quiet


Bookworm said...

Phibian does have great, cheerful links, but I still haven't forgiven him for retaining the figure of his youth. I mean, really, what's middle age and parenting for if your figure doesn't decline?

(Oh, and thanks for the link to me, Kathryn.)

Bookworm said...

Thanks for the email heads-up to that article, Kathryn. I did find it interesting, and it ties in with an idea I've been struggling with (in terms of writing lucidly about it) for nearly a year. Have you noticed that the absolutely most popular pieces of culture amongst the middle class espouse good vs. evil morality, and reward old fashione bravery and honor? Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter. Our children may yet save us.