Friday, October 06, 2006

A word to the wise

Don't try to cut steel-belted tires with a chain saw.

I can't imagine, really, why anybody would try this, but the other day a guy from out of town decided, for whatever reason, that while he was here he was going to cut up some large tires. He decided to use a chain saw. The tire proved too much for the chain, as you might expect. (It's made for wood, for crying out loud.) The chain broke and whipped and, so I'm told (thank goodness I wasn't around!), took off his arm and shoulder. (Well, I'm told they were still attached by a small flap of skin. Whoopee.) He lived, amazingly enough, and the last I heard he'd recovered enough to be moved by ambulance to his home town near the coast. But, yinga. And yuck.

Chain saws are wonderful tools, but they're only for very specific jobs, and must be used intelligently. Kindly remember that.

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