Monday, October 16, 2006

Blog neighbor news

While I've been offline enjoying visiting relatives, being semi-oblivious to the outside world, the folks over at The Common Room have been dealing with a bad car wreck and hospitals and other scary stuff. They had kids sent to different hospitals, too, which is always tough.

I'm sorry I'm late to all this. These folks were there for me last year when my husband almost died, asking for prayers for me and mine. I'm returning the favor now. Prayers please.

Common Room Update.

Meanwhile, Anne at PalmTree Pundit was vacationing near the epicenter of Sunday's big quake in Hawaii - up until the day before the quake. Her home is on another island, and they had an interesting time of it, but she and her family are OK. And thankful.

Update: Things are looking up a bit at The Common Room.


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

This is late, but thank-you!

Kathryn Judson said...

Lateness understood, believe me. And you're welcome.