Friday, October 06, 2006

Students to protest abortion with a day of silence

Do you know a student who would like to participate in the third annual Students' Day of Silent Solidarity on Tuesday, October 24? Homeschoolers are also going to be participating, according to this article at

In short, students remain silent for a day in honor of children silenced by abortion. They also wear red armbands or red duct tape on their mouth, and hand out flyers to anyone who asks. Students from Canada, the United States, and a handful other countries are expected to participate.

It's not my style, but hey, maybe it will do some good. And I'm delighted to hear about young folks who aren't falling for the feminist spin I, uhm, ahem, pretty much bit hook, line, and sinker at their age. (I have since discovered that feminists, by and large, are horribly misguided and badly misinformed, but I didn't know that at the time. Honest.)

The list (so far) of schools with students participating this year is here. Glancing through the list, it seems to be mostly high schoolers who are on board, but it ranges from middle school through university.

P.S. Kids, this should go without mentioning, but you do know to talk things over with your parents before signing up for any kind of protest, right?

Update: A girl in Maryland had to get legal help from the Alliance Defense Fund before she was allowed to promote this event. More.


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