Friday, June 02, 2006

An update on the Ceraks and VanRyns

An update to the story of the horrible mix-up that had the wrong young lady pronounced dead after a van crash: Whitney Cerak's family and boyfriend have been to visit, and she's talking and eating, and shooting baskets during physical therapy. One of the first things she did when family members arrived was to start listing people she wanted to see. There are tears all around, of course.

Laura VanRyn's family is graciously providing updates on Miss Cerak's condition on the blog they set up to chronicle their own daughter's progress.

Laura VanRyn was buried as Whitney Cerak. A memorial service for Miss VanRyn will be held Sunday.

Update: Miss Cerak's family has started its own blog.

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Anna said...

That was so incredibly sad for the one family and so miraculous for the other.