Thursday, June 15, 2006

Talking about humans

This strikes me as a pro-life column you can give to your liberal friends... (Insisting on life, Nat Hentoff, Jewish World Review, June 12, 2006/ 16 Sivan, 5766)

Essentially the same column - with slightly different editing in a few places - appeared as The devaluing of human life on the June 12 op-ed page of The Washington Times.

hat tip: The Common Room


Barb, sfo said...

Hentoff's column also appeared this week in the Burlington County (NJ) Times. I really appreciated what he had to say in this piece.

Michelle said...

I've been comparing abortion to slavery in conversations for several years now. And comparing the current fight against abortion to the fight done by the pre-Civil War abolitionists. Of course, then the argument was "state's rights" versus the rights of the federal government. But that whole line was a smoke screen for the real issue of human rights.

But the pro-abortionists don't think it's a baby...that 9 year old is too unsophisticated to understand the nuances of life, you know?