Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"Works-For-Me Wednesday"

This looks like fun (and probably useful, too). Shannon, the hostess at the Rocks In My Dryer blog, has a weekly feature called "Works-For-Me Wednesday" where bloggers share little shortcuts or ideas that make managing homes and lives a little easier.

Hmmm. How's this? It's a very small tip, but it's saved some hassle around here. Many years ago I kept the bags used to line wastebaskets in the pantry, and so every time I went to empty wastebaskets I had to go to the pantry, sometimes to find I didn't have enough bags left. A friend told me that she kept plastic bags at the bottom of each wastebasket. That way, when you remove the trash, you just reach down for the replacement liner - and you can see at a glance whether you need to get more bags. Saves steps, saves fuss. Works for me.

hat tip: SFO Mom

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