Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Alibris Donate-A-Book Program

Alibris.com, one of the online bookseller sites where my husband and I sell books (that should take care of full disclosure duties, I hope), has launched a Donate-A-Book Program, where schools, libraries and nonprofits may provide wishlists, and Alibris customers who are so inclined can help fill their bookshelves. Alibris has some libraries, etc., lined up already, but:

Donate-A-Book is brand new, with a limited number of enrolled pilot schools and libraries. Please help organizations in your community: Ask them to create wishlists for the books your town needs.

There's an emphasis right now on New Orleans, but Winston Salem Bible College in North Carolina is also being highlighted today.

For my state (you can browse wishlists by state if you like), there's only one public library listed, which says it especially needs board books. (Personally, I have trouble with board books shared amongst too many different babies -- board books get chewed, for pity's sakes -- but it's their wishlist, I guess.)

I've been browsing the whole list, and one of my favorites so far is Boys Read Too, at the School Library, Kendrick Lakes Elementary, Lakewood, Colorado. From their intro:

Help us close the gender gap. We want to supply more books that will foster a love of reading for boys in the intermediate levels, grades 4-6.

The wishlist is crawling with biography and adventure and jets and sharks and monsters and time warps and all that good stuff that boys tend to get into.

It's also got some books that look interesting that I didn't know about, and authors who are new to me...

Hmmm, this could be a good way to discover good books...

I can think of another (probably unintended) good thing about this project. If your local school library is enrolled, you can see what sorts of books they want to add. I think that could tell you a lot about what's going on, don't you?

Seriously, though, why not consider enrolling your church school or public library, etc.? Let's try a little community building without the government for a change, eh?


johng said...

I sampled just 2 sites, Kathryn, including one you linked. What's interesting is that I recognized almost none of the titles.

I'm familiar with a large number of books (never enough) from the homeschool booksale sites. Their titles and these lists don't coincide; where are the Landmarks, for instance?

My personal collection was much enriched by fine titles dismissed from a public junior high school in Indiana. They were DISCARDING better material than today's bookstores sell new. I wonder how many titles the schools with lists have discarded?

Last night I finished, courtesy of My Week Reader Book Club, "The Curious Clubhouse," by Christine Govan, 1967. Yep, discarded from a local library. A super tale for the 4-6th grader, full of humor and feeling. Mrs. Gowan, a regional Tenn. author, left at least 30 titles.

Elizabeth said...

I looked up California and only three school libraries have wish lists. I'm going to call our local schools to get them to sign up.

Thanks for this information!