Monday, May 01, 2006

Trapped Miners Get Food, Water, Medicine

Good news from Tasmania. Two miners trapped a half mile underground at the Beaconsfield gold mine for nearly a week with nothing but groundwater in their mineshaft to sustain them are not only alive, but talking -- and rescuers have managed to get food, water and medicine to them through a narrow tube. They're not out of danger yet, and no one's estimating they can be dug out before tomorrow at the earliest (and most officials appear to think that estimate is wildly optimistic), but no one's giving up on them just yet.

Miners get food, but danger remains (John Ferguson, Herald Sun)

Rick Rycroft of AP reports (ABC News)

Update: In the cage: a prison, a haven (Andrew Darby and Gary Tippet, The Sydney Morning Herald)

I've been looking at various reports, and I'm beginning to think I should have said "amazing news from Tasmania" instead of "good news" in my initial post. Conditions appear to be very hazardous not only for the two trapped men, but for the rescuers trying to get at them. It's a miracle these guys are alive, but it's going to be tough to get them out of there.

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