Saturday, September 10, 2005

Little Sarah Malally... Searching for old rhyme

An older gentleman we know and his brother are trying to track down a poem they remember - or, more to the point, that they only partly remember. From a letter from one of them:
...I'm still looking. I don't know the title and I'm not sure of the spelling of Malally, but the first two lines are:

Little Sarah Malally, at the close of Thanksgiving Day,
Stood at the end of her alley, watching some children at play.

A wealthy lady bountiful saw the little urchin and asked her what she had for Thanksgiving dinner and Sarah conceded that she had nothing since her family was so poor, they couldn't afford anything special. The lady took her home to what Sarah perceived as a mansion, and fixed her a dinner out of the leftovers. Sarah later relates with gratitude that:

She gi' me the nick an' the gizzard an' all the sweet tater skins.

That's all I can remember. So, my search continues...
I haven't been able to turn this up, either. Anybody?


Anonymous said...

Hey, are the two gentlemen my dad and his brother, Julian?

Kathryn Judson said...

No, sorry.