Friday, March 14, 2008

Rabbit ears, not cable

Last weekend, we sat down and tried to decide if there was any good reason to keep our cable television subscription going. We were hard pressed to come up with one. I get most of my news from the internet, my husband gets most of his news from radio. There are other, and better, options for entertainment. Certainly there are better options for education. We just don't watch television much any more. But that old bill kept digging money out of our pockets, money we could use elsewhere.

So, Monday my husband called and canceled. To show you how much this affected our lives, it wasn't until last night that we thought to check if the service had been disconnected. It had. We unhooked the cable, and put on the rabbit ear antenna, to see what there was in the way of broadcast TV around here. We find we still have 3ABN (a Seventh-Day Adventist channel) and OPB (Oregon's public broadcasting channel). If we're ever in the mood for mental whiplash, we can channel surf back and forth between those two, I guess. ;)

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