Saturday, March 15, 2008

Alvin Fernald / Clifford B. Hicks update

I wrote a review of Alvin's Secret Code, by Clifford B. Hicks, the other day. I've received a comment to that post that has some information for fans of the books starring Alvin Fernald:

Kathryn --

A great review of a really great book. (Of course, I'm prejudiced!). My dad is 87 and is not particularly internet enabled but I will send him a copy today - I'm sure that it will please him very much. If you or anyone is interested in the Alvin series, you might want to check out Dad still loves to hear from kids and adults who have read his books. He is in relatively good health and his mind functions at 110%. He no longer writes professionally, but he still writes very well.

Thanks, again!!!

Gary Hicks(Son #3)

Thank you, Mr. Hicks. I'm glad to know about The Wacky World of Alvin Fernald website, and I'm delighted to hear that your father is alive and doing well.

A note to my readers: contact information for the author is available at the linked website.


The Witts said...

I chased down a couple of these books, after you reviewed the series, and my nine-year-old loves them. Thanks!

Kathryn Judson said...

Yay! You're welcome.