Saturday, March 01, 2008

From the rez to vice prez

Sorry. Couldn't resist the post title. I know it's tabloid-ish, but... Anyway, to cut to the chase...

The blogger at Life After Jerusalem: A Little Election Trivia points out that not just white men of European ancestry have been President or Vice-President in the United States.

More on Charles Curtis here.

And rather a lot more on his life and times here.

Wikipedia article here.

After serving in the House of Representatives and the Senate (where he became Senate majority leader), Curtis ran for President in 1928. Failing to get the nomination, he was chosen to balance Herbert Hoover's ticket, despite having said harsh things against Hoover. The pair reportedly had very little to do with each other after winning the election, but, still, Curtis was elected to the back-up position, only a heartbeat away from the presidency (as the saying goes). And this was a fellow who did part of his growing up on an Indian Reservation and had an early career as a jockey.

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