Friday, February 09, 2007

How It's Made

We've been catching episodes of How It's Made on the Discovery Channel when we can. Online, you can find some info and a few segment videos at The Science Channel. (Which, inexplicably, seem to have the Canadian narration, with metric measures, instead of the United States narration.)

For those of you in Canada, I tried to watch videos at the Canadian site of Discover Channel, and was told I couldn't watch in my country. (But have fun, if you can get it to work for you.)

While looking for the UK link, at Discovery Channel over there I came across an entry for How Do They Do It?, which featured an interactive quiz called What Are They Doing? I found it great fun. (Once I figured out how it's set up so I could, you know, make a stab at an answer before I ran out of time. Ahem. I'd tell you my score but I've been humbled enough for one morning, I think.)

Go straight to the quiz (has sound)

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