Friday, June 13, 2008

Book note: The Expeditionary Man, by Rich Wagner

I haven't seen a copy of the book yet, but I was over on the Zondervan website looking something else up and noticed it there. The write-up looks interesting:

As a Christian man, how do you prioritize between what you are driven to do at work and church with what you are responsible for at home? Rich Wagner debunks the myth of a “balanced life” and shares a biblical model of becoming a hands-on leader of his family.


Your career is compelling. Your ministry at church is God’s calling. But do you realize how these outside activities capture your heart and steal your time and energy from your family? Adventure becomes what you want to do, while family is what you are supposed to do. Now author Rich Wagner offers a bold alternative.

In this personal and revealing book, the author challenges Christian men to harness their career ambitions and limit their ministries while their children are at home. Wagner shows how the pull of business success and the call to church ministries are compelling–even seductive. But if you allow your heart to be captured by career and church, you put your kid’s spiritual lives at risk. Far too many Christian children grow up with the vision of a loving Father in heaven, but live with the reality of an earthly father who seems more devoted to outside interests than he is to them. As a result, many children in Christian families today drift away from their faith as they become adults. Wagner reveals how accepting his challenge will not only result in spiritually healthy kids, but also give you the true adventure for which every Christian man yearns.

The author and his family are heading out on a coast to coast bike tour soon. See for more information on the book and the tour.

P.S. Certain of my friends and relatives should note that these folks plan to go up Mount Evans in Colorado as part of this tour. (I guess they do want this to be an expedition!) And certain others of my relatives are hereby requested to wave at them on my behalf as they go through Gunnison. Thanks.

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