Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whoever heard of heat stroke in May...

... around here? Yinga. It wasn't just that yesterday was in the 90s, and seemed humid for around here, it was that it was that hot so suddenly after establishing a norm of 60s and 70s for a high.

Despite using several of my usual hot weather coping strategies, I still spent part of yesterday being flat on my back sick, simply from the heat. But by evening, I was back outside (albeit playing with the cats instead of doing yard work) and then was able to go on to normal chores and activities.

Just to add a comic note to the proceedings, last night just before I went to bed I decided to do a load of laundry, in part so I wouldn't feel the day had been quite as much of a washout. I have a washer but not a dryer. To make room for the next load, I had to unload the dried laundry from the drying rack: the dried laundry was flannel sheets. The load of laundry I put into the washer, and then hung on the drying rack, included winter weight nightgowns, a turtleneck top, and a pair of longjohns. Did I mention that the jump to high temps was mighty abrupt?

I see from the forecast that today is supposed to be horridly hot again, but that it's supposed to back off a bit in the days to come. Excuse me while I go shut windows and turn on the air conditioner...

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